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About this site:

I created this site to talk about my love of nature and as an exploration of mankind’s hunter-gather instincts, agrarian instincts and our need to develop food security and provide for our own lives.  This site is a blog and podcast home.

Hunt – I’ll talk about methods of hunting and fishing that I’ve practiced since I was a young man.

Gather – I’ll talk about some of the things we foraged in the woods.

Grow – I’ll talk about ways to raise livestock and a garden (see my other site and podcast also

Eat – I’ll talk not only about how to prepare these foods we can provide for ourselves but how to preserve and store them.

Feeding the mind (with information that this community can provide)

Feeding the body (with the food we harvest using said information)

Feeding the soul (through connections with nature and tapping into our instinctual past)

The podcast will be published weekly and listener feedback and participation is encouraged!

About me:

My name is Jason Akers.  I was raised on a small farm in Central Kentucky.  My parents homesteaded but I had no idea at the time, it was simply called country living to us.  We hunted, fished and walked the woods looking for things to eat and things to do.  I don’t claim to be an expert on anything but I’ve been gardening, hunting, fishing and raising livestock since I was a teenager.  I’ve made my fair share of mistakes.

I’ve been published in Backwoods Home Magazine (Jug lines, limb lines, trot lines) and in Backhome Magazine (Permaculture on Ice (#109)) with more articles due out in 2011 in both magazines.