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Atlatl Dart Kits Arrived

I got my atlatl dart kits today from Bob Berg over at Thunderbird Atlatl.  He has a great selection of not only darts, dart kits and points but you can also buy the atlatls from him.  He has a great selection of weapons, each with a story or inspired by actual ancient finds.

Anyway, back to the darts.  Bob and Cheryl were nice enough to throw in an extra dart so I had my work ahead of me to make three darts.

The process was pretty straightfoward.  You simply shave up the feathers a bit, position the first one and wrap it with the included artificial sinew.  Then you add the next one and do the same, then the next one.  Making your own is pretty useful because you can attach the feathers in a helical pattern so the dart spins a bit when it catches the air.  That’s going to improve accuracy.

Once the feathers are attached at the front you simply wrap the sinew through the feathers in spiral pattern until you reach the end where you put about twenty wraps down.  Then whip finish the sinew.  I put a little glue on the fronts and backs of the feathers to keep them on because I’m rough on feathers and arrows.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to add the field points or try my hand at flintknapping a stone point.

Here’s my son Jackson holding the semi-finished product…

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