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Chicken Coop

I mentioned this on an episode of The Self-Sufficient Gardener and as requested here is a chicken coop that a listener named Scott built.  Its quite a nice design.

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  • Debbie

    Jason, thank you for taking the time this weekend to post this. Is the bottom made out of screen? How many chickens would it hold? I want to get about four to start out with. This looks like a simple structure for a beginner like me and my husband is great at building. Thanks for sharing Scott.

  • Jason


    I’ll wait for Scott to come on and answer. I can tell you that you can do the bottom in hardware cloth if your climate will allow. With how many chickens it kind of depends on what kind of chickens. Four bantams in Scott’s coop would work I think. Large breed-just a breeding pair probably. Its hard to judge size from a picture.

  • matthew n gooseneck ga

    Jason I am getting either chicken or muscovy duck….or mabey both. I need some ideas for a cheap chicken coop. I am trying to scrounge for the materials. Do you have any ideas? I only want 3-4 hens for eggs.

  • Jason

    Matthew – pallet wood is the cheapest route. I can tell you what Scott did here in this photo and convinced me to do is to use 2×3 lumber. I think its a little cheaper and lighter. If you scrounge right you will just have to buy the chicken wire.


  • GoneWithTheWind

    The corrugated roof will be more effective if it slopes in the direction of the valleys in the corrugation. In this design even a small amount of slope to the left or right will aid draining.

    A cheaper source of light duty building wood can be had by running a 2×4 through a table saw the long way to get two 2×2′s (it will be nominally 1 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ but close enough). Select fairly straight grain wood so they won’t warp or split when cut in half.

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