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Duck Breeds

This is the third in a series of posts over the next few weeks detailing some of the more popular breeds of certain livestock types and their traits.  These posts are courtesy of Skyhorse Publishing and their editorial team which was kind enough to let me publish excerpts (with credit) from their books.  These livestock excerpts are all from The Homesteading Handbook by Abigail R. Gehring.

There are six common breeds of ducks: White Pekin, White Aylesbury, Colored Rouen, Black Cayuga, Colored Muscovy, and White Muscovy. Each breed is unique and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

1. White Pekin—The most popular breed of duck, these are also the easiest to raise. These ducks are hardy and do well in close confinement. They are timid and must be handled carefully. Their large frame gives them lots of meat, and they are also prolific layers.

2. White Aylesbury—This breed is similar to the Pekin but the plumage is much whiter and they are a bit heavier than the former. They are not as popular in the United States as the White Pekin duck.

3. Colored Rouens—These darkly plumed ducks are also quite popular and fatten easily for meat purposes.

4. Black Cayuga and Muscovy breeds—These are American breeds that are easily raised but are not as productive as the White Pekin.

7 comments to Duck Breeds

  • Agorculture

    The USDA banned Muscovy ducks in 2010, but made an exception for food use only after the public outcry. The USDA is now eradicating Muscovies across the US (except for a few counties in Texas). It is obscene that the government can just make an obscure declaration (Regulations in the Federal Register) that have such far-reaching consequences and impacts. Livelihoods and homesteads would have been destroyed. Owners could not have even hatched their eggs. Banned- just like that. And there is the case of the $4 Million fine against the hobby rabbits. What will they do next?

  • Jason


    I did not know that. Thanks for the info.

    Why is the government seemingly out to get homesteaders (no matter which party is in control)? Oh that’s right, they don’t like people to not need government.


  • Agorculture

    I would not have known, either, had it not turned up in an internet search (I heard about Muscovies a month ago on the Survival Podcast-they are amazing birds). This is the link to the page in the Federal Register. It will get your blood boiling. They just define things as not being a taking and not having an economic impact. Thank God for the internet or there would have been no food exception at all. Everyone should acquire their livestock now, while they still can and before they start enforcing this.

    Thank you and I hope that you are having a good Independence Day… I’m afraid it is one of the last :-(

  • Jason

    Agorculture – great info. You should write a guest post on this. You’re teaching me a thing or two.

    Don’t give up the fight.


  • Agorculture

    Thank you! It would be an honor! I have learned so much from your blog and podcasts. I would be delighted to give back. I could also tie the post in with the recent Executive Order on Rural areas and the like or my new experiences with the ducks… I’ll write more once I get some bandwidth!

  • Jason

    Agorculture – Thanks!

    I borrowed a book from the library with some information on livestock. Between you and the book, my attention is turning more toward muscovies.


  • Rob

    Have you guys actually raised any ducks yet? Im looking into this and would appreciate feedback. Thanks!

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