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Episode 14 Wine Making

In this episode I share another passion:  Making wine!

I’ve been making wine since maybe before it was legal for me to consume.  I learned from my Grandfather who passed away last year.  The man taught me everything I needed to know about making wine.  He started doing it after some diagnosed heart issues and the doctor rightly told him:  “Drink more wine!”  He didn’t want to buy it so he made it and never had any more heart issues.  That being said, this show is dedicated to his memory.

Needless to say this is something my son will learn from me someday as well.  The picture above is my son already taking a keen interest.

Tune in as I discuss:

*The history of Wine and Mead.

*My experiences, failures and successes.

*How little equipment you can really get away with on your first batch.

*The COMPLETE PROCESS.  I’m not sure how successful I was at condensing it.  Most people won’t dare try it.

*A little bit of the science behind everything.

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