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Episode 15 Raising Poultry

In today’s episode I decided to talk a little about raising poultry.  This is a primer show, the basics you might need to know as a leaping off point to gather the information needed to do this.  The pictures below are some my wife took in June of 2000 before we left our 3 acre homestead and started moving around cities.  I really miss those days.  The intent it to show that I’ve raised all types of poultry, from the pharoah quail and bantams in the first picture to the ostriches in the second.

Tune in today as I discuss:

*The basics of egg incubation.

*The basics of brooders.

*Feed and water needs of chickens from hatching to maturity.

*Some tips and tricks in between.

Note:  I did finally raise the price on my Food Security Knowledge Pack.  It is now $7.99 for a ONE TIME DOWNLOAD.  $12.99 total buys you a year membership to my update page with updates, premium video (to be added soon) as well as vendor discounts I will add soon as well (if you are a vendor and would like to add a promotional discount along with a full page ad, please contact me!).  Those who bought this pack at the price of $6.99 will still be entitled to lifetime membership and updates.  Consider yourselves the beta testers of the program!

3 comments to Episode 15 Raising Poultry

  • Allen

    Thanks! Good information for the future.

  • Fred

    Thanks for another great show. I can’t have chickens where I live either but I have a second home about 60 miles from where I live can have chickens. I only go there on the weekends so right now I can only do gardening. The area has alot of wildlife like bobcats, hawks, a couple of bald eagles and bears. Even if I moved there full time I’m not sure if I could ever let the chickens loose in the yard. I wanted to have bees but I’m concerned about the bears messing with them. (electric fence?)
    Thanks again.

  • Jason

    Thanks guys.

    @Fred-I know what you mean. Predators are such a problem.

    With the bees though you could do a top bar hive out of a tree log and really cinch the top on or something. I’m betting there is a way around that one. I hope you find it!


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