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Episode 18 Interview with Green Deane From “Eat The Weeds”

Tune in today as I interview Green Deane from Eat the Weeds.

Green is famous for his website and YouTube channel where he has 125 videos about foraging for and eating wild edibles.   Green has an ability to give you a lot of great ideas and information on identifying, harvesting, preparing and…of course…eating edible weeds.  The videos are extremely fun to watch due to Green’s sense of humor and quickly become addicting.  I watched close to 50 in one afternoon!

In this interview Green talks about his system for identifying the plants, common pitfalls, how he got his start and how anyone can be an effective weed eater.

This is my first interview and as such it turned out less than stellar and not because Green was anything less than a perfect guest.  My recording software let me down pretty hard and I’m a newb at these interviews.  So please excuse not only the audio quality and blips but my poor interviewing skills.  I encourage you to visit both his website and his YouTube channel.   I’d like to again thank Green for coming on and sharing his expertise with us all.

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