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Episode 19 A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

So I had a listener email me just the other day.

Any chance you could do more HGGE episodes on fishing for beginners? Like, if we are starting from near zero (as with my wife and I), what gear do we really need? Once we have our gear and are standing there on the shore of the lake, how do we pick a spot where the fish might be?

And it hit me that I actually talked about fishing twice on the show but just assumed off-hand that everyone knew exactly what I was talking about and had been fishing before.  I hate making errors like that.  This show is done so I can pass on what little I know to the audience and it was a glaring gap that I decided to correct.

So this is the official Beginner’s Guide to Fishing (in 30 minutes).

A lot of it is specific to my area.  Of course, check local conditions and get a local mentor if you can and adapt what I say to your experiences.

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