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Episode 19A The Lost Rant About GMOs, Food Purists and Organic

Well, some of you requested it so here it is.  If you are offended easily then you might want to skip this one. 

I decided to put my feelings into a recording during a rainy drive home one day.  I talked about GMO’s and where I think that is headed.  Most of that is based loosely upon a Scifi book called The Wind-up Girl .  A lot of it is really out there and by that I mean a little crazy and about 30 years down the road in my mind. 

I also talk about food purists.   Food purists are, in my opinion, people focused on problems and making other people feel bad about not having what they do.  There is so much damaged caused by these people.  Not near as much as by Megacorps pushing GMOs.  No one wants to grow their own food or hunt or forage for it when they are demeaned for not doing enough or for being imperfect. 

Then we have organic.  I usually don’t have a very good BS detector but I saw that one coming a mile away.  I think its too easy sometimes for people to sell out.  It really was strange watching it happen though. 

My point with this rant really is this:  DON’T LISTEN TO ANYONE-INCLUDING ME!  Do what is best for you and your family.  Don’t feel guilty about having to stop at a fast food restaurant occasionally.  Everything in moderation.  People were eating pesticides from the 60′s to the 90′s and then GMO’s from the late 90′s to now.  Some of these people just discovered how bad it is and they can’t wait to tell you how you should live.  To thine own self be true…

6 comments to Episode 19A The Lost Rant About GMOs, Food Purists and Organic

  • Jason, just listened, great rant and I think we might be in sync mostly. This is basically what i was saying in my podcast but from a different angle.


    Here is a point I want to make. I like what the organic label represents and I love that it is going mainstream. This is a good thing, in fact it is a GREAT thing… HOWEVER there is a significant cost increase in those products which equals massive profits for companies with enough resources to exploit it on technicalities.

    This represents a breach of the public trust which pisses me off. So I have nothing against the organic label or those trying to eat organically… but I want public exposure of the abusers out there.

    There is a high consumer trust in that label and what it represents, I want people to get what they pay for. TO BE FAIR I feel that the VAST majority of organic producers genuinely GIVE A SHIT and you should definitely support the good ones. The issue is you can’t be a slave to research so how the hell are you supposed to know???

    ALSO next point about organic label… it is expensive to get… so your small LOCAL producer of food can’t get this label and carry the same clout in the marketplace. This is a big business label now. Having said that my CSA last year was, in fact, certified organic. SO IT IS POSSIBLE (would love to interview him and find out about it)

    So to sum up I like the spirit and the mainstream aspect of organic. I think that the fact it is in Walmart shows that the public WANTS to eat better and this is a good thing, the other side of the coin is that the label is a determent to small producers and is too easy to exploit by big business (For example Dean Co and the Horizon Organic Milk)

    Certifications aren’t the answer, which is why i believe in going back to smaller economies

    My entire point is if you pay an inflated price for a product just to get a product that is not higher in quality at the end of the day your being RIPPED OFF and I’ll do my part to stop that from happening, even if only 1000 to 2000 people ever hear my rant.

    Now I try to avoid fast food, but I do enjoy eating McDonald’s breakfast, especially when running out to a mountain bike ride early in the morning. BUT I’m eating the same KFO beef at my non-fast food joints I frequent, so the fast food thing is more about my waistline than some ideal.

    I don’t buy a whole lot at wal-mart admittedly because I DETEST the shopping experience with the long lines and insane people…but i do shop at target quite a lot which is about as local as Russia. BUT I do go to walmart sometimes due to the 24 hour nature of it (maybe my problem is I am always there at 11pm… ha ha) and when I want specific products like the super sweet grow lights someone I know told me about ;) OR when i need sacks of beans.

    SIDE RANT: We must need more mexicans, beacause it is literally impossible to buy bulk beans in PA. Walmart is the only place that has them and they only have pinto beans in 5 pound bags and no other type of bean. What gives? END SIDE RANT

    I eat out at the local pizza place for lunch, I eat GMO corn chips at the local mexican joint (OK I have no evidence they are GMO, but I assume corn is a lost cause at this point) I’ll eat pancakes at my mom’s made with canola oil…. I’m not trying to be a food purist… In fact I was quite inflamed that the only comment i had on my beef jerky video for months was in regards to use os supposed GMO soy sauce… Listen I’m not throwing out a resource on suspicion of GMO. There are 100 year old people who smoke a pack a day, I’m pretty sure my body will handle a bit of GMO marinade.

    SIDE RANT TIME: If your going to criticize someone online please provide the solution. Person a who only critiques= complete ASSHOLE, person two who critiques and offers solution = partial asshole and possibly helpful… Person 3 who first praises, then critiques, then offers a solution = Nice reasonable person.

    Here is the correct way to add a comment:
    “I really enjoyed this video. I have one minor point, were you aware brand Z of soy sauce uses GMO soy? I suggest getting a bottle of organic soy sauce and I really like brand X or you might try ingredient Y that is very similar to soy sauce but doesn’t use any ingredients that are GMO. Anyway I hope that helps, and keep putting out really super sweet videos.”

    SIDE RANT OFF (comment: I’ve been guilty in the past and will be in the future. We are all prone to the occasional snarky comment. But some people are just assholes, and that will always be the case. Well some people think i am an asshole so where does this leave us?… better stop … typing … now…)

    BUT what I am doing is trying to grow my own and eat local when and where I can. I am trying to strive to be better as my situation allows. I buy pork from my local farmer, I buy beef from my local farmer, I buy eggs and on rare occasions milk from my local farmer. I don’t buy dean co milk. I buy NON-organic milk from a local dairy. But if the small local grocery store i use isn’t open I’ll pick up a cheapo gallon from Giant Eagle (non-dean, PA Sourced) and I’ll slug it right down. I feel I do my part to educate.

    The only way to stop GMO is to vote with your wallet. I believe it is true that you should not buy canola oil and strive to MINIMIZE HFCS. For example I switched away from my favorite BBQ sauce by buying ones with sugar … BUT plan to make my own BBQ sauce in the future with my own hot peppers and honey from my own bees (a dream i will realize) This is an example of ideals vs realities. In my reality I use a non-organic sugar based BBQ sauce… my ideal is home-made BBQ sauce sweetened with my own honey and using my own hot peppers and my own herbs and spices.

    The other side of the coin is there is NO WAY IN HELL I am NOT going to be tossing ears of corn on my BBQ this summer. NO WAY IN HELL! I don’t give a flying F if they are GMO at all. I buy from the farm down the street who puts one of those self serve carts out, and its the best corn I have every had anywhere. Is it GMO? Maybe… I don’t have a lab… IT DOESN’T KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT.

    I don’t feel I made this point clear in my podcast about organics. It wasn’t being a food purist and I’m not saying you are saying that i was… it just occurred to me that I wanted to be more clear…. I’m just saying that it pisses me off to get ripped off by a company abusing the public trust.

    Whether it is misleading labels on egg cartons that conjure up images of happy chickens running around in grass when in fact they are abused and confined with access only to concrete walkways as “free range” or a huge operation like dean co abuses their cows to the point that they have DOUBLE the slaughter rate of the industry average because they can’t medicate their sick cows due to their abuse of the organic label.

    also jason this isn’t directed at you. Your rant just fueled a new rant by me and a rant on a rant seemed to be a good idea.

    To me there are 2 types of eggs, ones you get from your local farmer or from your backyard and every other egg… and until I have my own birds it only makes financial sense to buy a mix of both for me right now due to the prices of local eggs.

    Do what you can where you can… take it as far as you can OR as far as you want.

    One note about food purists also, there are people out there that are the REAL DEAL like Darcy. I don’t have his will power to take it as far as he does and I respect the hell out of him for how he lives his life. BUT for every Darcy there are 10 non-darcy’s talkin’ shit about GMO and ORGANIC and then slugging down baskets of McDonald’s fries every other night.

    Also, side-note, I know a few vegetarians who do it for supposed health benefits and not for the animals (another rant! LOL)

    I have a friend who is a RAW vegan (doesn’t even cook his veggies..LOL) and we get along just fine. He doesn’t preach to me about cooking food or eating meat and I don’t harass him about being his extreme diet choice.

    OK This rant has me fired up, I’m going to go upstairs and drink a mountain dew, heat up some cold domino’s pizza and read a book about root cellaring.

    P.S. I love you all! Your pal

    Nick LaDieu

  • oh just some context… Darcy refers to Darcy Menard over at

    a food purist i have a great deal of respect for (backs thought with action.. the only way that matters)

  • Jason


    Your rant was scarily dead on (and slightly humorous!).

    No way I could respond to all of that. I had to take a snack break in the middle. LOL

    A few points. Darcy is the one guy I know who has a right to smack all the rest of us upside our head. Does he? No, he’s the humble guy leading by example. I love that!

    Organic violating the public trust. This is what I wanted to say but couldn’t find the words for. As soon as it became a marketing tool it was done.

    I guess what brought up some of this was a bit of brotherly defense of you. I saw that comment on your video and every time you post about food. The listeners here and a majority of yours are just trying to do the right thing as they can. If that means growing 10% of their vegetables in the summer I say that’s a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, its these people (and not the people who grow 0% and are ignorant of the issues through choice or chance) who get the finger wagging and preaching to by the purists and that’s just unfair.

    I think you are doing a fine job with the awareness campaign. You ruined my milk drinking ignorance bliss! :)


  • Yeah darcy’s idea of a rant is to talk calmly and apologize 3 times for possible offense. I would take queue but I am a type A FREAK-A-ZOID

  • Yeah what i am talking about also are alarmists who think that every vegetable that isn’t organic is GMO… “PUT DOWN THAT GMO JICAMA”

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