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Episode 20 Beginning Turkey Hunting

In this episode I talk about hunting wild turkey.  I’m not an expert per se.  In other words, I’ve never harvested a wild turkey.  I’ve shot at them quite a bit but I’ve essentially become so frustrated that I’ve not tried in a number of years.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t practice and remember the basics.  So now I’m conveying them to you.  WITH ANY HUNTING VENTURE-ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LOCAL REGULATIONS!

Find out:

*What the different vocalizations are about.  Purrs, puts, kee kee runs, yelps, clucks, etc.

*How do the different calls on the market work?

*What is patterning a shotgun?

*Why is turkey hunting one of the most dangerous forms of hunting?

Plus, here the humor of my first turkey hunt!

National Wild Turkey Federation

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