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Episode 23 The Other Uses of Trees

We all know that trees are essential to life on Earth.  But I think sometimes we tend to look at trees as either useful or useless.  If they grow fruit great.  If they don’t-chop ‘em down!  I admit that I fought that feeling pretty hard when I started clearing land at my rural property.  What to keep and what to get rid of.  As I started researching and making decisions I realized more and more that there are so many tertiary ways that trees help us make, hunt, find and even fish for food.

Even Jackson likes to plant trees!

I wanted to talk about some trees that I know are good for:  Fencing, fishing bait (hear me out!), hunting around, helping you propagate other food plants and more.

I also talk a bit about successions of trees.  In other words, what makes pioneer species so special and equilibrium species so long lasting?

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