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Episode 29 Breed Matters

I’ve gotten some requests and questions about doing a show on best breeds for livestock types.  I think I could probably do a show on each type that I have experience with but first I wanted to preface that with a show that’s a cautionary tale on how picking the wrong breed can have bad effects.  So rather than say this breed is best for this or that I tried to tell you what you can expect from general characteristics and why breed is so important.

*The differences in chicken shape and temperament.  My theory at least.

*Why dual purpose breeds seem to be good ideas for sheep/goats but not cattle.

*Pigs are pretty basic breed wise.

*My preliminary plans with goats/sheep on my small holding.

2 comments to Episode 29 Breed Matters

  • Steph

    I would love to hear a show just on backyard poultry. Stuff a newbie needs to know. They are in the plan for next year. My main focus is egg production since I’m not sure we’re ready for slaughtering anything. Not even sure what poultry to start with… chickens, ducks, quail, pheasant? What sort of prep can I be doing now? Planting grains? And what do people do with chickens in the winter in the Great White North (Canada)?

  • jason


    Check out:

    Let me know any additional questions you have. I can’t remember what all I covered in that episode.


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