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Episode 3 The Atlatl

In this episode I discuss the “missing link” between early hunter gatherer’s spear and the bow and arrow – the atlatl.


*How this weapon may have led to the extinction of some of the largest land mammals that ever roamed North America.

*How this weapon helped defend a native culture against invading Europeans.

*Why we even know this weapon existed.

*How the math says this weapon is more deadly than bow and arrow at close ranges.

*Why most DNR and Fish/Wildlife departments are not willing to accept the atlatl as a legal hunting method.

2 comments to Episode 3 The Atlatl

  • Jim Drury

    I am constructing a PowerPoint presentation in which I hope to use a drawing of an atlatl which I found at Is it possible to obtain permission to use this drawing?

    I am a retired teacher. The Ppt is to be shown to a class in Aboriginal Studies at the high school where I used to teach and, later, to a group of retired teachers. I would be showing the presentation as a volunteer, not for any monetary gain. Please advise as to who I would attribute the drawing.

  • Jason

    Not a problem at all.

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