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Episode 31 The Benefits of Poultry

Today I talk about the benefits of poultry.

My cortunix quail, silkies and brahma bantams years ago.

This pair of ostriches turned out to be useless eaters but they were fun to keep.

My current setup

*Meat – Not the primary use but definitely something that can be considered and accounted for.

*Eggs – Probably the #1 reason to keep poultry.

*Variety – Whether you have a lot of room or none, you can find the right species and breed for you.  From quail to ostriches you are only limited by imagination.

*Manure – Some of the highest nitrogen fertilizer you can’t buy.

*Pest/Weed Control – From quail eating small beetles out of your garden to guineas eating ticks to turkeys eating insects too large to handle otherwise.

*Pets -  Some of my best friends have been birds.

*Financially – Find out how two country bumpkin teenage boys were able to turn a profit year after year.

For a basic primer on raising poultry refer to Episode 15 Raising Poultry.

COOP 101

Predator Protection

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