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Episode 32 Questions About Poultry

Today, as promised, I take your questions about poultry.  I purported to know a lot about poultry but I was quickly humbled by you the listeners who asked great questions and answered some better than I could.

Tune in as I talk about:

*Integrating new chickens into the flock.  Why a rooster helps sometimes.  How chickens respond to new additions.

*Quiet(er) breeds and some tips to shut up a loud rooster.

*What do I have to account for when raising fowl in c older weather?  Do I need heat lamps?

*Doors, coop insulation and where to put roosts.

*Why do people recommend eggshells be fed back to chickens and what do I feed them?

*Will stress keep hens from laying?

*Is it ok for poultry to eat mammals such as mice and moles?

Terror Bird. A real good reason why poultry are omnivores!

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