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Episode 34 Livestock Housing

Well folks I’m back finally after a bit of a bout with burnout.  Today I decided to talk about one of the things that helped burn me out and that’s building and designing livestock housing.

I had a heck of a time building my chicken house and I talk about it a lot today but in the context of some design considerations that helped me at least get a good idea of what I wanted even if I had trouble delivering in the end.

*Containment and Exclusion – You not only have to worry about your animals not getting out but also keeping animals you don’t want out.  This is pretty evident with chickens and smaller livestock because there are many things that eat them. 

*Comfort and Protection – You have to make sure your housing is appropriate for your climate and that its adaptable.  Also make use of existing land features to gain the best advantage.

*Access – Both for you and them.  I look at this two ways and I try to incorporate both access for me when I need it but also access to things like nests or hay feeding areas without disturbing the animals if I find it necessary.

*Materials/Cost and Durability – You want your housing to last right?  Well there is a thin line between durable enough and damn expensive. 



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