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Episode 35 Scouting the Deer Woods

I said I’d talk about my livestock and foraging plans for my land on today’s episode but I got bit by the deer hunting bug really badly so I wanted to take the opportunity and talk about scouting for deer on today’s episode.

Me at 17 with a deer that didn't follow any of the conventional wisdom.

*The definition of and goals of scouting.

*What to look for and more importantly, how to look for it.  You need to feel like you are hunted.

*What matters to deer should matter to you.  Food, water, cover, etc.

*What deer and water have in common.

*Why safety is paramount and how scouting makes you safer.

*If you choose not to hunt this year but want to, why not scout.  It will make you better when you do decide to hunt.

4 comments to Episode 35 Scouting the Deer Woods

  • Jason Bruns

    When I was listening to this show your story of the deep freeze (or GFCI outlet) letting you down, hit pretty close to home. My wife has been paranoid about “the freezers” for about the last 3 years. We began canning about half of our deer meat each year. Then if our freezers fail and we aren’t home it is not a total loss. The 100 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure does take a lot of time and energy up front, but once you have made that investment that meat is preserved, and will never freezer burn. Also canning during gun season in Indiana is a lot more fun than canning garden produce in July or August. Since we are cheapskates anyway, the added warmth in the kitchen is a nice thing.
    By the time I cut up 3-4 deer I have a lot of time in hunting and processing. If I were to lose it due to the freezer going out, it would kill me.

    • Jason


      That is exactly what I begin to think after it failed. Dang I should have canned some of it. Thanks for reinforcing that though!


  • Jason Bruns

    BTW – Nice buck…. Here’s to being a meat hunter.

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