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Episode 38 The Ethics and Morality of Hunting and Killing

In today’s podcast I wanted to tackle another philosophical question:  Is it ok to hunt and kill?

The little buck I killed last year

Well the answer for me is a resounding YES!  But I have a code that I hunt and kill by and I think that helps keep one grounded with a solid conscience about it. 

*Why I feel its healthy to challenge your beliefs about this subject.

*The difference between apathy and myopic thought and the similarities.  I can’t identify with people who make a decision and then justify it with no challenge.

*Why we kill.  Are we intended to be carnivores, herbivores or omnivores?  NONE OF THE ABOVE!

*The myths about killing and hunting.

  • We have to “honor” the animal.  You don’t honor something by killing it.
  • Hunters wound and kill many many animals.  Total BS.
  • Shooting an animal causes it pain.  A losing effort to personify something that isn’t human.

*My problem with people that kill by proxy and then look down upon hunters. 

*Why I’m a traditionalist snob in some aspects and why I no longer hunt for sport.  No judgements on those who do.

8 comments to Episode 38 The Ethics and Morality of Hunting and Killing

  • Jason

    I bet the number of deer (and countles other species) killed on the road is far greater than those wounded and not recovered by hunters. When will PETA get rid of the automobile?
    Also Sand Hill Crane is good. I have only had it grilled on kabobs, but it was good every time. Way better than goose. They are a large animal.

    Thanks for the show, hope you didn’t receive too much negativity.


  • Jason


    Not a problem man. I didn’t get any negativity except maybe a little of the passive aggressive kind! LOL

    I agree with you. Shortly after recording this podcast I clipped a deer just across the border into TN. Didn’t kill the deer and didn’t hurt my truck but just a good example. Its good to know SH crane is good. I’m gonna try it soon I hope!


  • Jason you mentioned raising meat cattle and goats is not sustainable. I agree. However I am working and researching raising rabbits. I just read that one rabbit doe can produce up to 90 lbs of meat in one year! I have been reading in different forums about feeding them naturally. So raising meat rabbits may be a viable option for meat sustainability.

    Matthew from Gooseneck

  • Great show man. Just found your stuff, but enjoying thoroughly.

    I’ve recently become a little bit more aware of my own disconnects between eating meat and killing. I eat meat all the time, but wonder if I’d have the stomach to pull a trigger. Being mostly a city kid, I’ve never hunted before.


    Finally going on my first elk hunt next week in Aspen, CO. Keep you posted!

    Keep up the great work.

  • CountryRootsCityJob

    When it comes to the deer and respecting it by using everything, how do you handle the leg meat, rib meat, etc that is sandwiched between a lot of the fat?

    I felt bad about throwing a lot of meat out while processing my first, but we didn’t have a good grinder and there was no way we could grind up the leg meat or the rib meat. Also, if you do grind it up and mix it with your burger, how does that effect the taste?


  • Kelly

    Great podcast. I’m not a hunter (yet), I am trying to live a more self sufficient lifestyle. I eat meat and have been debating wether I could hunt. This podcast put the issue to rest. Thanks. I love your views on respecting the animal, using every part, we have been doing this for years (turkey, beef and chicken). There are many uses for all the parts of a animal.

  • Dayton Baraw

    Jason, The view that others cannot honor the animal in the full cycle process of harvesting it is quite myopic, which I know you don’t like. I just don’t think everybody feels the same about the process and we should be open to other’s ways of the harvesting process, we don’t have to do it ourselves.
    Thanks for what you do.

  • Jason


    Its been a while since I recorded this one so I’m not sure which statement you are referring to.

    I feel like the word honor is the wrong word. I think respect is the better word. I just don’t get how someone can say they honored something by killing it.

    If you are referring to me talking about people who don’t harvest their meat I really have no problem with any of that. I would lie if I said I harvested and processed 100% of mine. My real problem is with people who look down on hunting because it requires the killing of an animal, yet they eat meat. All they have done is kill by proxy.

    I hope I answered your concern, if not please let me know and elaborate.



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