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Episode 4 A New Look at Dirt

Mycorrhiza On Roots

Sorry about the blips and changes in audio quality today. I record at lunch in my truck and today the digital recorder kept dying on me!

This episode is about soil (at least the third one I’ve done on soil) but I think you’ll find some different subjects I explore such as…

*Why soil isn’t just a planting material. Its a living ecosystem that almost acts like one giant organism.

*What lives in soil and their functions.

*Why chemical fertilizers are bad. Not just the in-your-face green movement stuff. The practical reasons and the science!

*Its fairly common knowledge that legumes fix nitrogen but did you know there is a fungi that attaches to roots and simply pulls in more nutrients for your plants? People who constantly spray their plants kill this wonderful organism.

*Why compost tumblers sometimes give less than stellar results and how to fix them.

*Some ways to avoid fungal and bacterial infections.

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