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Episode 5 Unique Food Preservation Methods

On today’s show I talk about some methods of food preservation that are essentially lost to time.  Hopefully we can revive the knowledge in case things ever get so bad we need them.

DISCLAIMER:  Do not try these at home unless under the supervision of someone who knows what they are doing.  I only provide historical facts and accounts and make no guarantees as to the viability of some of these methods!

We all know about the modern methods such as canning, drying, jerking, etc.  I won’t talk about them today.  They have been covered so much some of us can do them in our sleep almost.  I do talk about…

*Growing foods that need no preparation.  Also, we should think of livestock as mobile food storage.

*Harvesting or hunting when the conditions will allow no preservation.  Aged meat is one example of where this works well.

*The ancient hunter-gatherer methods.  Where did they put all that mastodon meat?  The answer is very surprising!

*The frontier methods.  Curing, smoking, brining, lard packing and more!

*The chemical methods.  Chemical reactions can transform food that spoils easily into preserved food.  Examples are century eggs (pictured above) and lutefisk.

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