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Episode 6 Mulch

In this episode I talk about mulch.  There is a lot of debate about mulch.  Some people swear by their own “special” mulch.  I use the science and the facts to back up some of the claims and squash others.


*The definition and purpose of mulch.

*Why wood chip mulch DOES help deplete the nitrogen from the soil.  Facts are facts.  The science proves it.  Even the article commonly quoted as debunking the science admits it offhandedly and proposes “hypotheses” to back up unfounded claims.

*Nitrogen Immobilization and Nitrogen Mineralization.

*Why I think (my claims are unfounded now) wood mulch is the least efficient at holding soil moisture in the soil.

*What I think the best mulch is.

*What the proper layer depth is for mulch.

*How to make wood chip mulch more “useable”.

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