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Episode 7 Food From 1 Acre

In this episode I discuss a topic inspired by a book called The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It by John Seymour.  In the book, he dedicates a chapter to utilizing 1 acre to produce enough food to help drive a high percent of self-sufficiency.  Its not unusual to see people doing this these days.  It is noteworthy that the book was written a few decades ago when permaculture and other practices were jus starting to come to life.  There is a lot that can be done on one acre when some people are doing a lot more with less.

I talk about…

*How much land to dedicate to plantings.  What to plant to maximize space.  How to rotate your plantings.  Perennials and Annuals.

*How much land to dedicate to livestock.  How livestock aren’t just one-time food sources.  They are renewable food sources (eggs, breeding stock) and they can be put to use breaking ground, controlling pests and fertilizing.

*Some buildings that I’d put on an acre such as a greenhouse and a root cellar.

*Some techniques that have evolved (and some that are seeing new life) since the writing of the original book (in the 70′s I believe).

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