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Episode 8 Salt

Gee, I feel like I’m doing a lot of shows on preservation lately but since I can’t get out in the garden and I’ve got a deer in the freezer I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

In this episode I talk about the absolutely irreplaceable role that salt plays not only in the human body but in civilization.  Tune in and find out…

*How and why the combination of two dangerous and unstable elements is essential for life on earth.

*How early peoples got salt even when they were far from coasts.

*Why salt equals liberty in some cases.

*Where words like “salary” and “salad” come from (hint hint!).

*How many foods would be either inedible or impossible to produce without salt.

*How salt figures in war.

2 comments to Episode 8 Salt

  • Hey Man, I loved listening to this. Great content. I found you through your interview on Save our Skills. I wanted to mention something in regards to what you said about the Romans being paid in salt. I hear that the expression “not worth your salt” is still around because of those days when being “worth your salt” would totally make sense in terms of salaries being paid in salt.

  • Jason

    Hey Jake, thanks for dropping by.

    I believe you are very correct. There were so many anecdotes and sayings that I forgot most of them during the show!

    Thanks for mentioning that one.


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