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Episode 9

Treestand safety, finding wild edibles in winter, keeping poultry waterers unfrozen, checking home canned goods for safety.

This is the first show where I’ve broken the four main sections (Hunt/Fish/Trap, Gather/Forage, Grow/Raise and Eat/Cook) into their own portion of one show.  I kind of like this format though it made for a shorter show.

Hunt/Fish/Trap – For many of us, gun season for deer has ended but bow season is still in full swing. Check out this article about one man’s near fatal experience with failed equipment during a hunt.

Gather/Forage – There are still wild edibles out there to be had.  Listen in as I talk about two of the many out there.

Grow/Raise – I came across this article at Murray McMurray Hatchery’s blog.  I had a tough time in winter with keeping fresh running water in my chicken coups.  This article gives some good tips.

Eat/Cook – I talk about a few obvious ways to ensure the home canned goods you open to eat this winter are still safe.

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