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Food Security Knowledge Pack

I’ve finally assembled my Food Security Knowledge Pack.  This is a DVD data disk packed with every article I’ve ever written (some will be released by email after publication) and every podcast I’ve ever done.

There is roughly 60K words here and about 100 PDF pages of photos, how to’s and other information that has taken me 5 years to write and prepare.  In addition, there is every episode of both The Self-Sufficient Gardener and Hunt Gather Grow Eat Podcast.  In addition, purchasers will be entitled to email updates for life with any new articles right after they are published.

Its only $9.99 plus $1.50 shipping and handling.  The DVD will be sent out to your house within 1 week.  This is a great way to support my shows and blogs with costs such as hosting fees, domain upkeep, skype fees, etc.
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