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Future Show Schedule

I wanted to formally post the future show schedule not only to inform everyone of the direction I plan on taking the show but to give myself some rules so I stick with the schedule.  This will take a week or so to implement.  I welcome feedback on this.

Mondays – The Self-Sufficient Gardener topical show.  A technique, method, philosophy, etc..  Most of my shows fit into this category.

Wednesdays – The Self-Sufficient Gardener specific show.  A show specific to a certain plant, insect, herb.  I’ve done quite a few shows in small series.  Examples:  My Favorite Herb, Beneficial/Pest Insects and Useful Plant of the Week.

Thursday – The Hunt Gather Grow Eat podcast.

Friday – Listener Feedback and Questions.  This will be published as a SSGP show but will contain HGGE questions as well.  I don’t really combining it but I don’t see any way to not do so and produce a show of any length at all.

The Horticultural Engineer will go on hiatus for a while (a few more videos are set to post).  I encourage everyone to sign up for email updates for all three sites.  I do not spam.  The only emails you receive are when a post goes out or in special instances.

I could also use the help of this fantastic audience for feedback and questions.  If I don’t have enough for any given Friday the show simply won’t happen.

Thank you, each of you, for your support.

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