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Learn Fishing With a Book?

Is it possible to learn how to fish from a book?  No not entirely but if you have to choose a book to supplement your firsthand experience, there is but one real choice.

I recommend the In-Fisherman series of books.  They are aptly titled (Crappie Wisdom (above), Channel Catfish Fever, etc.).  I’ve read most of them but currently just own the book on Largemouth Bass.  It has helped me with fish location immensely.  These books not only guide you to the fish, they get you inside their heads.  How do they think?  What do they eat?  Where do they feed?

I’ve provided a sidebar in the sponsor column to a few of these books in Amazon.  Full disclosure:  I get a small commission if you buy them through the link.  You can certainly learn to fish without these but if you are looking to bring your fishing and ability to provide fresh caught fish to the next level then these books may be for you.

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