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New Additions

As most of you know, I was eager to try out the quail tractor this year.  The city ordinances where I live are written strictly but it seems rarely enforced.  In order to bypass the ordinance I had decided to go with quail-quiet small birds good for eating and for laying eggs.

Well I spent the last weekend searching for a source.  It seems that Tractor Supply quit ordering them (after definitely telling me that they would be here come March) and the local source decided to raise Bobwhite quail instead of Coturnix.  I’m not a fan of bobwhite quail in my current conditions.

So I started searching Craiglist and ended up finding a few potential sources for birds.  On a whim I called a guy in Southern Ohio (I can give you the name and number if you’re interested) who was raising two of absolute favorite breeds of chickens – Golden Campines and Sebrights.  It turned out that he had a lot of Sebright chicks left.  I didn’t want Campines since they are slightly larger and very skittish.  So I made my mind up to go get the Silver Sebrights.

Now this could potentially violate city ordinance but since I will keep them in my garage for some time, this leaves me some wriggle room.

Here is a picture of what a Silver Sebright looks like.

I’ve raised these birds before.  They are intelligent, small, brave, gentle and friendly.  And while I would have eaten some quail (but not a Sebright), quail would not have been near as friendly.  This seemed like the best option (or an impulse buy designed to help me relive days gone by).  The Sebrights are decent layers and should be laying by fall.  They will make great pets and are extremely small- one of the smallest of all bantams.

My wife’s reaction when I told her via text:  CHICKIES! YAY!  Then:  U have a brooder?  (She knows what a brooder is!).

Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of 6 Silver Sebright chicks, a week old.  Here’s how the family reacted.

Did I do right?

7 comments to New Additions

  • amber

    Are quail and chickens compatible roomates? Maybe you could do both…

  • Debbie

    They are beautiful. I plan on getting chickens as soon as I can determine what kind of chicken coop to build. I’d like to start out with four but I want to have a couple that’s already laying too. I’ve been reading a lot to learn what I can. I’m happy for you all! I also look forward to you keeping us updated on how it’s going. I know what you mean about reliving “days gone by”. I have memories of my grandparents with their chickens.

  • Bonnie Nelson

    Yes….I think you did right. I live in Fountain, CO… and once again the city is battling the chickens…. Since 1996 resident have been trying to get the ordinance changed to allow chickens on single-residents family plots. I have 4 Wyadotte Bantams in my backyard in a secluded area. Anyway, this is the third time we have tried to get the zoning changed to permit backyard chickens. We presented a positive report, thatwas researched to the council…They sent it to zoning…came back to council and the council voted it down! 2-4. But, one council member personally attacked our Poultry expert…and that started a chain reaction that hopeully will result in a reconsideration next month. We are finding solutions to all concerns….. So, hopefully we will have a revote in April and the zoning will be changed. There’s a more to the story…but things are looking up. I never thought people would have such an aversion to backyard chickens!

    Until then….I keep my girls locked up in their little area….

  • OH WOW! I really like all of those ‘Bobs’! :) Looks like you guys are going to be having lots of fun!

  • Jason

    @Amber-They are, somewhat. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.

    @Debbie-I certainly will keep you all updated!

    @Bonnie-I never even got it presented to a vote. I approached a councilman and presented evidence and facts. He talked to a (ONE) animal control officer and I guess that was too much work for him/her and that unfavorable report sunk the whole effort. So good for us, regular Thoreaus. Civil disobedience when the laws are ignorant.

    @Dene-Tons of fun!

  • Did you do right? heck yes! Look at the smiles and learning going on in Little Jason’s head. Just the enjoyment alone yoour son was having I believe made it the right thing to do.

    Anyone complains, just tell them they are ethnically challenged “quail” going through a tough time recently due to an identity crisis. Remind them the ugly duckling turned out to be a swan.

    Congratulations, Jason!


  • Jason

    Identity crisis! LOVE IT!

    Thanks Steve.


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