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No Show This Week

I’m sorry but due to the issues and illness from last week I won’t be getting a show out this week I fear.  I will return on Wednesday the 8th.  I did prerecord one show for The Self-Sufficient Gardener today and was just so “off” that I won’t be trying that this week until I’m more up to it.  I’ll probably do a question/answer show for the first time here since I’ve had so many great questions so consider this a call for questions and comments you’d like me to read on the show.

Until then..!

2 comments to No Show This Week

  • Shari

    Understand completely. I have had several weeks of illness myself, Blood pressure problems. Then, my father passed away. Great man, I will miss our conversations. Get to feeling well. Us Preppers can’t stand still too long.

  • Jason

    Thanks Shari and sorry to hear about your loss.


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