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Preparedness Radio Network

Well, its official.  It looks like the first week of January will mark my entrance into the Preparedness Radio Network family.

So…what will change?

The show will be the same as ever.  The difference is that it will be syndicated across a network with a large listener base with some great shows like Dr. Prepper with James Talmage Stevens (whom I owe some credit for pushing me to do these shows!), The Self-Sufficient Homestead with Johnny Max and The Queen, Self-Sufficient and Sustainable with Rob Roath, The Berkey Guy Show with Jeff Gleason and a ton of other people talking about preparedness.  This teaming just seems to fit since there is no show dedicated to hunting, fishing, trapping and all the things we talk about here.

I’m hoping the extra listeners will build our community, give me more show ideas and feedback and help support the show.

I’ll post the schedule as it becomes available.  In the meantime I recommend visiting the shows above.

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