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SSGP Episode 44 Starting Seeds


In this episode I talk about starting seeds.

*Materials you need and how to get some on the cheap or for free.

*How to make your own seed starting mix (but I don’t recommend it!).

*How to plan your seed starting dates. Here’ s a link to an online calculator for you!

*How to make a seed starting rack with light.

*The things a seed needs to germinate (and why consistency is key!).

*Why I think a beginning gardener shouldn’t always go “full in” on the safe route of buying starts.

2 comments to SSGP Episode 44 Starting Seeds

  • Tamara

    Hi — I’m looking for Episode 44 (Starting Seeds) download. I’m not finding it on your website, and it’s not available through iTunes (iTunes starts with episode 46). Thanks, Tamara

  • Jason


    If you go to my page for The Self Sufficient Gardener in Itunes it should be there. Unfortunately I can’t keep all of my podcasts on my feed because if the feed file gets too large it crashes the feed.



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