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SSGP Episode 47 Gardening and Money

Today’s show is kind of a different type of show.  I wanted to talk today a little bit about why I feel it is important to use your money wisely when it comes to purchasing things for your garden. Spending money is not necessarily a bad thing.  But I want you to get something out of those purchases and any others you ever make.  Every exchange of money is an exchange of life and time and energy.  Make sure what you get makes your life better and/or saves you time and energy, otherwise its a waste to some degree.  Today’s show can be best summed up by this Thoreau quote:  The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.

*Some philosophy behind my thinking.

*Why I’m not jealous of people who spend hundreds of dollars on things they don’t need.

*How I try to make due with less and what I gain from doing so.

*A few tips I’ve learned over the years to make due with less.

*A neat article about breaking down pallets for wood.

*A cold frame that was built for basically pennies on the dollar.

2 comments to SSGP Episode 47 Gardening and Money

  • I love pallets!! Just search “Free pallets” on craigslist and you will get some hits… worst case you will pay $1 per pallet.

    I like raised beds because I hate weeds, is there a way to grow in the ground where you don’t have to weed like using raised beds? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Could you just make a border with rocks and till it (just the first year) mix it up good with some compost and just plant it as if it was a raised bed, but just on the ground? … also the permaculture swail method too I put on the forums… I need to figure this out soon! ha ha Hopefully this weekend I will work on this years garden layout.

    I’m making a chicken tractor out of pallet wood.. I might use some salvaged conduit that I have too for the cage part. Also I got a source of free chickens w00t… guy I met this weekend is giving me some hens

    You got me thinking… every try the local dump? I’ve been wanting to go there to see what I can find. I want to find some big tubes for worm towers.. I bet there is all kinds of cool stuff there. I want to find a junked up bike to steel the wheels off for the tractor.

    Do you pay to have your soil tested? I really don’t want to spend tons of money this year! The bees are setting me back a bit, but I’m pretty psyched about them so I think it is worth it.

    • Jason

      I’ve never tried the dump but that is a good idea. I never pay to have my soil tested except for the cheap 5 dollar test kit you can get a Lowes.

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